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Must Have Looks and Yoga Attire For Women

Newsflash: most yogis want to look cute on the mat. The practice of yoga is becoming more fashionable and stylish by the day, with fresh new looks and new yoga apparel popping up online, in stores, and at your favorite yoga studio. Here, we’ve curated our favorite yoga outfits to provide you with inspiration and suggestions for what we think looks super-cute on the mat.

But let’s back up a bit. Before we talk about looking cute on the mat, let’s talk in general about what to wear. These days, yoga apparel for women focuses on comfort, movability, performance, and style, and it’s all for good reason. Yoga requires a lot of stretching, twisting, reaching, and folding—and your clothes have got to move with you. When shopping for yoga attire, avoid anything that’s bunchy or bulky; it’ll just get in the way of your practice. You’ll also likely heat up from the inside out, so look for clothing that allows the skin to breathe. (Those wacky rubber pants from your rave queen days? Leave those in the closet, sisterfriend.)

But here’s the catch: don’t think too loose. If you’re wading through fabric in order to find your best tree pose, your teacher won’t be able to see your alignment, meaning they can’t offer you adjustments or tips for a better, safer pose. You’ll also want to avoid tops with a flowy hem; these tend to creep up around your head when inverted, like in downward dog or forward fold. A stay-put hem (hey, we have those!) offers you a secure fit that won’t put you in danger of a wardrobe malfunction or muzzle you while you’re down-dogging.

It’s also important to keep material in mind. Cotton, while a wonderful natural material, absorbs sweat and holds onto it. If you tend to sweat a lot in class, you may want to look for quick-drying, wicking material that allows the skin to breathe easier. Whichever material you choose, be sure to wash your yoga clothes regularly. And those cute yoga pants? Avoid putting them in the dryer; they’ll last a lot longer with air-drying.

One last piece of advice: avoid too many accessories on the mat. Remove your watch, take off your jewelry, and don’t wear unnecessary things like a hat or a scarf. It’ll be easier for you to move without all that excess baggage. (We know, those leg warmers and that infinity scarf are super-adorbs. Now take them off.)

Now that we’ve given you the scoop on what works best on the mat, we invite you to cruise our must-have looks to check out some of our favorite combinations of yoga apparel for women. Here, you’ll find performance tanks paired with inversion-ready capris, off-the-shoulder looks that take you effortlessly from the mat to running errands, and cute layered yoga outfits that move with you on the mat. Yoga attire for women doesn’t have to be run-of-the-mill or boring. With pops of color, gorgeous patterns, and quality construction, you’ll be stylin’ in savasana in no time.