Foldable Meditation Cushion

Foldable Meditation Cushion



For those of us with cranky ankles, our foldable meditation cushion provides exactly the comfort we need to keep us in the right frame of mind when meditating. The large square base provides extra cushion for your ankles when sitting for longer sessions—especially on bare floors. The built-in bolster adjusts to your size to help alleviate tight hips and lower back issues. And the soothing gray pattern adds serenity to any environment.

  • Geometric web-like print in soothing grays
  • Built-in bolster is adjustable for comfort
  • Supports tight hips and lower backs
  • Large square base for ankle cushioning
  • Perfect seating for relaxation, spa and wellness areas
  • Durable and easy to clean

Measurements: 26"L x 21"W x 4"H.

Materials: Microfiber suede cover filled with cotton batting. Spot clean only. 


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