Meditation for Beginners DVD with Maritza


  • Take an inward journey of self-discovery as you follow this beginner's meditation practice with certified lyengar yoga instructor, Maritza. You will be guided through three step-by-step 20 minute programs to practice mindfulness so you can calm and center yourself, including a yoga practice that will prepare your body, mind and attention for the two guided relaxation and meditation sessions.

    • Three 20-minute practices
    • Includes a yoga practice
    • Lead by certified instructor Maritza
  • Approximate Run Time: 90 minutes.

    Meditation Preparation (20 minutes): Helps you prepare for sitting meditation by starting in a chair, stretching your legs and back to make meditation more comfortable.

    Mindful Meditation (20 minutes): Let stress melt away as you take a quiet pause to refresh and rejievenate. 

    Refresh the Mind (20 minutes): Gentle practice that will relax and calm the mind and body. 

    Bonus Restful Relaxation (Digital Download): Learn to release tension and calm the senses quickly and effectively. 


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