Silver & Sage Let's Dance Mala


Silver & Sage Let's Dance Mala


AMAZONITE: Owing to its powerful filtering action, amazonite promotes clarity by dispelling negative energy, aggravation, and blockages within the nervous system. This soothing stone also supports universal love by encouraging empathy and balancing mascu

LABRADORITE: Known as a stone of intuition, labradorite is thought to increase mental abilities while promoting creativity and imagination, enhancing the positive aspects of one's personality by minimizing traits that drain one's energy.

PEARL: Also known as “the stone of sincerity”, pearl signifies faith, charity and innocence. By enhancing personal integrity and focusing one’s attention, pearl enables one to open up and discover the purpose of their “true self”.

MOONSTONE: Known as the travelers stone, moonstone is said to protect those that travel by night or upon water. It also opens the heart to the acceptance of love and encourages nurturing qualities.

  • Matte amazonite, matte grey labradorite, pearl & faceted peach moonstone guru bead with brass
  • Mala is strung on stretch cord and may be worn as a necklace or multi-wrap bracelet
  • Linen jewelry pouch with corresponding stone cards included
  • Stone bead size - 8mm
  • Hand-made in Scottsdale, Arizona

Mala measures 36" in length.

Learn about The Meaning Behind Malas.

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