Silver & Sage Deep Cleanse Bracelet


Silver & Sage Deep Cleanse Bracelet


AMETHYST: A powerful and protective stone, amethyst guards one from all forms of negative energy.  With strong healing and cleansing properties, this stone also calms and stimulates the mind to provide mental focus, emotional centering & spiritual awareness.

LABRADORITE: Known as a stone of intuition, labradorite is thought to increase mental abilities while promoting creativity and imagination, enhancing the positive aspects of one's personality by minimizing traits that drain one's energy.

PYRITE: Also known as the stone of health, Pyrite contains both fire and earth energies, helping one to balance the root chakra. It is said to protect one both emotionally and physically, and helps to boost self-confidence. It is a wonderful stone for use in meditation as it is said to remove negativity, helping one to concentrate. Pyrite also increases stamina, stimulates the mind, and can help to ease depression symptoms.

LAPIS: A tremendously peaceful and protective stone, lapis encourages serenity and helps to release stress. It promotes enlightenment and greater self-awareness, fostering honesty, compassion and self-expression. Bearing the bright blue color of the throat chakra, this stone inspires confidence and assists one in speaking their truth.

  • Amethyst, faceted pyrite-coated labradorite, faceted grey labradorite & faceted lapis with brass
  • Stone bead size - 6mm
  • Hand-made in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Linen jewelry pouch with corresponding stone cards included

Stretch bracelet measures 7", sized to fit most wrists.

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