Gaiam Essentials Interlocking Fitness Mat (Pack of 6)

Gaiam Essentials Interlocking Fitness Mat (Pack of 6)



The Gaiam Essentials Interlocking Fitness Mats can be connected together in dozens of variations to cover and protect home gym and fitness room floors. Includes 6 square mats that measure 23.5" and are 0.45" thick and 10 end pieces for a smooth border finish. Covers up to 23 square feet and is heavy-duty, safeguarding your floor from scratches, scuffs and dents that can occur from weights, jump ropes, and more. Each mat features a nonslip thread-like texture for ultimate protection, grip and durability in your home gym space. 

  • Extra thick cushioning to protect your joints
  • Heavy-duty to prevent dents and scratches 
  • Non-slip tread-like texture
  • Great for home gyms 
  • 6 square mats and 10 edge pieces

Measurements: 6 mats that measure 23.5"W x 23.5"L x 0.45" thick.

Cover: Up to 23 square feet.


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