Athletic Yoga: Yoga for Flexibility DVD with Kevin Love


Athletic Yoga: Yoga for Flexibility DVD with Kevin Love



NBA All-Star Kevin Love joins sports yoga instructor Kent Katich for four dynamic, athletic yoga practices designed to build flexibility, balance and competitive focus. 

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  • NBA All-Star Kevin Love
  • Sports Yoga Instructor Kent Katich
  • Mixes fitness and yoga for the ultimate workout
  • Build flexibility, balance, and competitive focus
  • Strengthen the body and core
  • Restore the muscles and mind
  • 4 full length practices
  • Warm-Up, Power & Core, Total Body, & Restore

Approximate Running Time: 80 minutes.

Suggested Props: Yoga mat, block & strap.

Progressive Warm-Up (20 minutes): Establishes the breath and body connection with a dynamic sequence of yoga postures to build focus and improve flexibility.

Power & Core (20 minutes): Build core, upper and lower body strength and endurance with a mash-up of functional athletic movement and traditional yoga poses.

Complete Body Workout (20 minutes): A challenging total body workout that helps build concentration, balance and stability.

Deep Stretch & Restore (20 minutes): Restorative post-workout cool-down that focuses on relaxing the whole body and aiding in overall muscle recovery.


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