Athletic Yoga: Yoga for Runners DVD with Matt Giordano

Athletic Yoga: Yoga for Runners DVD with Matt Giordano



International yoga instructor Matt Giordano leverages his experience as a runner, knowledge of biomechanics and integrative mind and body techniques in this yoga for runners program. Designed to stretch & strengthen your muscles, speed recovery, and help you avoid injury.

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  • A program specifically designed for runners
  • 3 full length programs
  • 1 bonus practice
  • Stretch & strengthen your muscles
  • Speed recovery
  • Avoid injury

Approximate Total Run Time: 65 minutes.

Suggested Props: Yoga mat, block & strap.

Pre-Run Practice (20 minutes): Prepare critical joints and muscles for a safer, freer running experience with this focused pre-run sequence.

Yoga for Conditioning (20 minutes): Realign the bones, ease muscle tension, build overall body strength and hone a mental edge.

Post-Run Practice (20 minutes): Work the major muscle groups, release tension, speed recovery and connect to the joy of the run.

Bonus Pose Detail Videos (1-2 minutes): Aviod common running injuries with detailed instructions for a deeper stretch.


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