Restore Cold Therapy Roller Ball

Restore Cold Therapy Roller Ball


Cold therapy equals faster recovery. So help almost every single muscle in your body feel better faster with our Cold Therapy Roller Ball. Once frozen, our cold gel technology lets the stainless steel roller hold the cold for up to 20 minutes. Because it’s a 360-degree roller, it gives you smooth, uninterrupted motion to soothe muscles and reduce inflammation. The comfort-grip base makes it easy to hold and the small size means it can go with you for relief anywhere.

  • Faster total-body recovery with cold massage
  • 20 minutes of cold from cold gel technology
  • Stainless steel massage ball with easy-glide design
  • Ergonomic, textured base doubles as massage tool
  • Smaller size for on-the-go use
  • Reduce inflammation, soothe soreness

Resources: Care, Setup, & Tips

Download the Restore Cold Therapy Roller Ball Massage Guide.


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