Top 10 Balance Ball, Exercise Ball & Stability Ball FAQs


Top 10 Balance Ball, Exercise Ball & Stability Ball FAQs

by: Guest Contributor


Get answers here on which size exercise ball you should buy, how to inflate the ball to the right height, where to find replacement parts, how to correctly use your ball as a chair, info on anti-burst balance balls, weight limits, and more.

1. Which size exercise ball should I buy?

Exercise balls come in industry-standard sizes: 55 cm, 65 cm, and 75 cm. These sizes indicate the height or diameter of the ball when fully inflated. The ball height is best measured using the pencil-mark-on-the-wall method explained in the answer to question 2 below.

Exercise ball sizes are designed to ensure ideal ergonomics and body alignment for specific body heights. Please use this Balance Ball exercise ball size chart as your guide to choosing the right size ball for your height:

Balance Ball® Sizing Chart
Height Ball Size
5'0" to 5'5" Small: 55cm/22"
5'6" to 5'11" Medium: 65cm/26"
6'0" to 6'3" Large: 75cm/30"

The sizing chart above is a guideline; as you become an experienced Balance Ball user, you may find that you're able to use a larger or smaller ball with successful results.

2. How much do I fill the ball when I inflate it?

The best way to know that your exercise ball is properly inflated is to measure the height of the ball when it's fully inflated. Here's the easiest way to do this:

  • Make a pencil mark on a wall at a height of 55, 65 or 75 centimeters, depending on which size ball you purchased. You'll find the optimal diameter (height) clearly indicated on the box that came with the ball. The diameter of an exercise ball is the same as its height when fully inflated.
  • Inflate the ball until the top of the ball is level with your pencil mark.

When inflating the ball, it should not measure more than the size indicated on the box, or it could burst.

3. Is the Balance Ball big enough to use at a desk instead of a chair?

In general, you can use the Balance Ball as a seat. Whether the ball is large enough to place you at a comfortable and ergonomic height for sitting at a desk depends on both your height and the height of the desk.

4. Is a Balance Ball the same as a stability ball?

These two terms both refer to the same type of ball — also known as an exercise ball, fitness ball, workout ball or Swiss ball. All of these names indicate a large inflatable ball, approximately knee high, typically placed on the floor and used to support the body in exercises done in a sitting position on the ball, lying across the ball, or gripping the ball between the hands, legs or feet.

5. What is the weight limit on the Balance Balls?

Gaiam Balance Balls stability balls are appropriate for a body weight of up to 300 lbs.

6. My dog chewed a hole in my Balance Ball. Can it be repaired?

A punctured, torn, or damaged ball should be replaced. Because the ball is designed to be safely used only as designed, we do not recommend attempting to repair the ball if it's been damaged, and we do not offer a repair kit.

7. What is the best stability ball workout DVD for my specific health problems, injuries, or challenges?

For specific medical advice, diagnoses and treatment, please consult your doctor or physical therapist. Gaiam DVDs can be returned even after viewing, so the best option may be to have your health professional review the DVD with your specific condition in mind.

8. What is an exercise ball made of?

Exercise balls are made of an anti-burst PVC plastic designed for pliability and for the safest, most functional use under normal sitting and workout conditions. The PVC is an integral ingredient in the formulation of the plastic — it helps make the ball expandable, resilient, and just bouncy enough, so it performs the way you expect and want it to. At Gaiam we are committed to designing and developing products made with eco-friendly materials whenever we can, in ways that are both functional and safe for our customers. We are working diligently to seek out eco-friendlier exercise ball materials.

The Gaiam Balance Ball is latex-free. Some other brands of exercise balls may contain latex, so if you are allergic or sensitive to latex, be sure to ask.

9. Can I get a replacement ball for my ball chair?

Yes, we do offer replacement balls for our ball chairs. You can purchase just the extra ball individually or call Gaiam customer service at 877-989-6321.

10. Can I order a balance ball pump or replacement plug? I misplaced the one that came with my balance ball.

You can find replacement plugs, air pumps and Balance Ball Kits at or call Gaiam customer service at 877-989-6321.

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