The Zeta Disc is your all-natural solution to immediate, on-the-go pain relief. Using far-infrared, heat and cold therapy, the acupressure disc goes to work immediately on sore muscles using the healing properties of Zetathermideā„¢. This natural mineral emits far-infrared, which works deep within your body to reduce swelling, muscle aches and pains while increasing circulation. The Zeta Disc can also help to control muscle spasms and reduce surface bruising.

Zeta Stone 2 Disc Kit Features:
  • Zetatheramide delivers deep-healing far-infrared for on-the-go, consistent results
  • Helps to decrease pain, swelling and bruising
  • Increases circulation for faster healing
  • Helps to relieve stress and recovery from injury
  • Convenient and easy to use anywhere
  • Can be used at room temperature, heated or cooled
  • Can be used as long as you like without negative side effect
  • Helps with acute and chronic pain
  • Results on the first or second use

Zeta discs are an effective alternative to traditional heat and cold packs. They help provide relief from pain, swelling and surface bruising FAST. Simply place the Disc on your painful or sore spot and either hold in place or secure with medical tape.


The Zeta Disc does not need to be pre-heated or chilled for an effective far-infrared effect. They only need to be in contact with the skin. However, by increasing the temperature of the stone or disc, the far-infrared emission will be stronger.

Cold Therapy: Place Disc over ice cube for 30 seconds or longer. Touch Stones can also be chilled in freezer.

Heat Therapy: Submerge Disc in warm water at desired temperature – as warm as you can comfortably tolerate, but no hotter. Submerge the Touch Stone or Disc for 30 seconds or longer.