Zeta Acupressure Insoles

Item# 08-0960

Far infrared therapy for healthier feet


Designed to hit targeted pressure points in your feet to relieve pain and fatigue while energizing your entire body. Hundreds of tiny bubble springs contour to the bottom of your feet, providing deep relief. Engineered to channel natural far infrared and other energies to the body, Zeta Insoles provide fast, consistent relief. One size fits most (men’s/women’s 5-14); simply cut down for a custom fit. Made in the USA.

Zeta Acupressure Insoles Features:
  • Designed to hit targeted pressure points in the foot
  • Energizes the entire body
  • Zetatheramide delivers deep-healing far-infrared for on-the-go, consistent results
  • Helps to decrease pain and swelling
  • Increases circulation for faster healing
  • Can be used as long as you like without negative side effects
  • Helps with acute and chronic pain
  • Results on the first or second use
  • One size fits most; cut down for a custom fit

One size fits most (men’s/women’s 5-14); simply cut down for a custom fit.

Rated 3 out of 5 by 2 reviewers.
Rated 1 out of 5 by waste of money if you like walking on stones or nails, this product is for you July 19, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by GREAT PRODUCT - Best reflexology insole out there! My feet are numb a lot due to a back problem and slight neuropathy. These insoles really made a difference for me in even just a short period of time. The round top bubbles massage your foot continuously while you walk and the acu-pressure stimulates the nerves and seems to reduce the numbness. The insole stands on a series of pegs that raise it off of the bottom of your shoe and provides air circulation to keep your feet cooler. This shoe insole is not just good for medical issues it also works for just tired or sore aching feet. The manufacturers claim that the insole also channels far infrared and other energies into your feet but I cannot measure this effect or disprove it. I can only tell you that the massage and acu-pressure feels very good on the soles of my feet and toes. I find myself wiggling my toes and feet just to increase the massaging action. The insoles come in one size and you have to trim them to have them fit into your shoes. They fit both men's and women's shoe sizes from 5 to size 14. Cutting them is not easy as they are made of a tough flexible plastic, very durable. I took it slow when trimming them as you can always trim more off but you can't add material back. Just follow the instructions and use the trimming pattern in the package. Since I have wide feet I did not trim the sides but only very little off of the heel and the toe area. That way they fit my extra wide shoes. After inserting them into my shoes I just lightly loosened my shoe strings and retied my shoes for comfort. After walking for a short period of time the nerves in my feet were being rubbed massaged and poked at and that stimulation reduced the numbness in my toes. I like these things and I will keep them in my daily shoes. They are very comfortable to wear. June 6, 2013
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