Yoga Mate

Item# 95-1554

Three-in-one carryall


Pull it all together for class or meditation with the ideal yoga carryall. Contains an ultrasoft, absorbent microfiber terry yoga towel. Treated with durable, water repellent technology, so it dries faster and prevents sweat absorption. Bottom is coated with non-skid rubber beads, keeping your towel securely in place. 100% polyester. Includes a flexible, nonslip mat. Rolled together in a polyester bag designed with protective, water-resistant pockets for all of your essentials. Made in the USA.

YogaMate Features:
  • Includes ultra-absorbent terry yoga towel
  • Bottom designed with non-skid rubber beads
  • Keeps towel in place throughout class
  • Comes with nonslip flexible yoga mat
  • Complete with carryall bag with water-resistant pockets

Towel: 77"L x 24"W
Mat: 68"L x 24"W
Bag: 77"L x 26"W x 3½"D