William Henry's Stargate 2012 DVD Set

Item# 84-0327

2-DVD set

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Enjoy a quartet of investigative mythologist William Henry’s finest programs presenting unique research into cosmic connections of ancient legends, lost cultures of enlightened beings, and the emergence of a miraculous spiritual technology.

“Blue Apples” (2-DVD set, 180 minutes) refers to supernatural power and the key to humanity’s spiritual liberation, as known by Moses, Joshua and Jesus.

“The Cloak of the Illuminati,” (2-DVD set, 240 minutes) an all-time best-seller, explores what it means to be “illuminated” and the power it gives those who know the secrets.

“Stargate 2012” (2-DVD set, 210 minutes) is a fascinating exploration of what could occur in our galaxy by the year 2012, the date marking the Mayan prophecy of the dawn of a new age and the birth of the matrix of reality.

"Starwalkers and the Dimension of the Blessed" (2 DVD set, 155 minutes) unlocks the secrets of inter-dimensional travelers and how alternative dimensions impact our lives.

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