Vitality Audio CD

Item# 05-52839

Organic melodies to restore your body, mind and spirit

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This thoughtful yet deeply relaxing music by composer Peter Davison explores sounds that are associated with healing, joy and harmony. Warm tones and rich melodies lull you into a peaceful bliss where everyday concerns can fade away. No matter where you are – home, car, office, school - you can benefit from the musical sounds of healing and revitalization. 60 minutes. USA.

Track listing:
  1. Power Of Intention (15:09)
  2. Inner Grounding (15:24)
  3. Wellspring Of Vitality (15:20)
  4. Garden of Health (15:09)
Print60 minutes.

Reduce stress and restore your body to its optimal vitality
Sink into serenity with these four soothing instrumental pieces. Composer Peter Davison’s flowing melodies are both reflection-inducing and spirit-renewing. Featuring a masterful mix of woodwinds, percussion and synthesizers, each song is rich in sound, yet evokes relaxation and renewal. Let go of tension and stress as the music brings increased vitality to the body, mind and spirit.

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