Swahili Necklace

Item# 04-1434

Exotic African fair trade pendant necklace.

Gift wrapping available

Bring the exotic East African coastline to your world with our soulful pendant necklace. Features a stunning lost wax cast brass amulet accompanied by a swirling display of brass, glass, coconut shell, clay, bauxite and African trade beads. Handcrafted by a fair trade group of Kenyan artists renowned worldwide for their unique beautiful products and commitment to quality. Each purchase directly helps their community create employment and independence for their families. Brass clasp. Necklace: 21"L. Pendant: 3"L x 2¼"W. Kenya.

Swahili Necklace Features:

  • Inspired by the beauty and magic of Africa
  • Features a lost wax cast brass amulet
  • Made with African trade beads
  • Adorned with brass, glass, coconut shell, clay and bauxite
  • Hand made by a fair trade group
  • Made exclusively by Gaiam

Necklace: 21"L
Pendant: 3"L x 2¼"W