Tap into the power of Tai Chi simply by sitting with the Sound Wave Serenity Box. You’ll feel yourself relax as anxiety melts away and tranquility takes over. Muscles may tingle as they release tension as you enter a deep meditative state. The Serenity Box uses harmonic sound and vibrational therapy to create the healing response often experienced practicing Tai Chi. The Serenity Box doesn’t need anything from you for it to work. Most people feel its effects within 5 to 20 minutes of their first use. The system comes with a pair of headphones, a solid maple sound box with a vibrational sound system hidden inside, a series of seven Acoustopathic CDs and a small, battery-operated amplifier. Simply add the CDs to your music library to enjoy on your preferred device. Then you simply listen, relax and let the Sound Wave Serenity System work. Includes: Sound Box, 3-channel amplifier, headphones, two AA batteries for the amplifier, cord and seven Acoustopathic™ recordings. 9" x 11" x 3½"; 3½ lb. China/USA.

Sound Wave Serenity Box Features:
  • Taps into the healing power of Tai Chi simply by sitting and listening
  • Reduces mental stress
  • Loosens tight muscles
  • Promotes healthy sleep
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Maple wood sound box made in the USA
  • Can be used to unwind while sleeping, reading or even working at the computer
  • Includes CDs, headphones and amplifier to be used with the Serenity Box

9" x 11" x 3½"; 3½ lb.


The seven CD's included are;

Soma is designed for pain management. The sound patterns of Soma are intended to help the brain identify and shut off active pain receptors, simultaneously reducing stress and anxiety. Some users report getting sleepy while using this recording.

Focused Relaxation
Focused Relaxation is designed for people working in an office environment that may be noisy or include distracting elements. It can relax the mind and the body while improving mental clarity, sharpening focus, and enhancing creativity.

Release focuses on deep muscle relaxation. The vibrations travel to where the user is most tense, releasing that tension from the inside out. Don’t use this before bedtime.

Relief Therapy
Relief Therapy is designed to help people who suffer from the discomfort associated with illness, injuries and surgery. Its sound patterns promote deep relaxation, muscle release and rest for tissues. Relief Therapy should quiet the mind and encourage sleep. It is a good nighttime complement to Soma. It is good for use when receiving a massage or other healing therapies.

Restful Sleep
Restful Sleep is designed to help the user get to sleep and stay asleep. Unlike other Acoustopathic Recordings, it can be used alone, without the Serenity Box system. It starts with a guided relaxation meditation, then uses tones to progressively encourage deep sleep.

Resurrection is designed to help the body reset and begin an overall transformation to health. A very meditative recording, it is recommended as a complementary tool for cancer patients. While it is most effective when used with the Serenity Box system, it can be used alone with headphones.

Neuro is recommended as a complementary tool for people with nerve or brain injury and nerve disorders. It may relieve burning pain due to muscle or nerve problems, and is designed to promote nerve repair and regeneration.