Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga Collection

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Three full-length Power Yoga programs on one DVD

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Focusing your inner strength leads to outward results with this collection of Rodney Yee's most engaging and challenging workouts. All the yoga you need is now in one place in this expansive collection. Whether you’re looking to boost athletic performance or want to deepen your yoga practice, these three programs will transform your body and mind.

Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga Collection Features:

Yoga Burn (60 minutes)

  • Continuous motion and repetition creates the burn — a detoxifying heat that increases strength, stamina and flexibility, while boosting the metabolism. Discover this cutting-edge, powerful yoga program that results in a well-defined, sculpted body.

Power Yoga Total Body (60 minutes)

  • This seamlessly flowing vinyasa sequence delivers a challenging physical workout while building greater strength of mind, body and intention. You’ll get a total-body workout with standing poses, forward bends, back bends, twists, arm balances and more.

Yoga Conditioning for Athletes (60 minutes)

  • Enhance your athletic performance no matter what your sport. These yoga sequences balance the body, increase strength, challenge underused muscles and boost flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. The breath work helps you increase focus and body awareness for a competitive edge.

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