Cardio Burn Sculpt DVD Features:
  • 10-, 30- and 50-minute intensive cardio sequences combined with strength building for total body conditioning
  • Interview with Tanja Djelevic
  • Bonus Core Cardio workout
  • 95 minutes
Cardio Dance Flow DVD Features:
  • Two routines — dance and stretch — developed by famed fitness guru James D'Silva in collaboration with Trudie Styler:
  • Cardio dance segment is a fully integrated head-to-toe workout and provides intense cardio intervals along with smooth, elongating active stretches. Improve balance and endurance while lengthening and toning — always moving to the beat of this fast-paced workout. 25 minutes.
  • Bonus stretch routine will help sculpt your muscles, leaving you feeling leaner and longer. This is fitness training infused with graceful elegance and artistry. 20 minutes.
  • Interviews with Trudie Styler, Sting and James D'Silva
  • Footwork tutorial to help you master all the moves
  • The making of Sting's album If On A Winter's Night
  • 45 minutes
Cardio Burn Kickbox DVD Features:
  • 2 full workouts: 30-minute and 50-minute
  • Interview with Patricia Moreno
  • BONUS! Kickbox Core Workout
  • 95 minutes

Boost your metabolism and watch the pounds melt away with three high-energy cardio workouts. Includes Cardio Burn Sculpt (95 min.), Trudie Styler’s Cardio Dance Flow (45 min.) and Cardio Burn Kickbox (95 min.). USA.

Cardio Burn Sculpt DVD:

No muscle will feel left out of this high-energy cardio workout. Fusing the best of yoga, Pilates and aerobic conditioning, Tanja Djelevic leads you through an effective series of cardio and strength-building moves that target the entire body. Burn calories and melt fat while achieving better posture, stability, core strength and overall toning. Filled with nonstop variety, this workout will keep you motivated until the very end. 95 minutes.

Cardio Dance Flow DVD:

These fun, flowing dance and stretch routines were developed by fitness guru James D'Silva in collaboration with Trudie Styler — actress, producer, environmental activist and wife of rock star Sting. Cardio Dance Flow is two workouts on one DVD: a 25-minute cardio dance routine plus a 20-minute stretch segment. Includes personal interviews and footwork tutorial to help you master the moves. 45 minutes.

Cardio Burn Kickbox DVD:

Supercharge your metabolism & shed pounds fast! Achieve endurance, precision, grace and overall body shaping in a single workout. Patricia Moreno teaches you a series of basic kickboxing moves to get you lean, sculpted and strong. The repetition and pace of these powerful combinations gives you a heart-pounding cardio workout, plus a yoga-inspired warm-up and cool-down add a new dimension to this empowering and energizing workout style. Shot on location in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. 95 minutes.


Swedish-born Tanja has a Master’s Degree in fitness and dozens of certifications. Now based in sunny L.A., Tanja trains some of Hollywood’s biggest names (Uma Thurman, Jennifer Garner) and was recently named one of "The 100 Best Trainers in America" by Men’s Journal. Tanja believes that working out should always be FUN.

Trudie Styler is an actress, film producer, director, human rights activist, environmentalist and organic farmer. Trudie’s charitable works for human rights and the environment have been recognized by many award-giving bodies, and through her work she is committed to working to improve the lives of impoverished and exploited children all over the world. In 1990, Trudie and Sting moved to Lake House in the English countryside and, determined to raise their children on a fresh and healthy diet, set about converting the 200 acres of farmland to organic status.

James D’Silva was born and raised in Goa, India, before moving to England to continue his training in classical and contemporary dance. Ten years ago he opened up his own Pilates studio in London – Bombay Gymkhana – and from this base his reputation has become well-established among his many devoted and celebrated clients. James teaches his own personally devised workouts, which incorporate Pilates, yoga and dance. Using a multifunctional workout machine he created, James specializes in exercise regimes that increase flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles and improve structural fitness.

With more than 20 years of experience as a dynamic fitness instructor, Patricia Moreno is a pioneer in the industry. She is a certified fitness and dance instructor and was voted “Best Instructor” by Allure magazine and New York magazine. Patricia has been featured in dozens of magazines internationally and has appeared on such TV programs as The Today Show and Good Morning America.

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