Gaiam Portraits Of Inspiring Lives: Neale Donald Walsch DVD

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Lessons of love, forgiveness and why the golden rule is universal

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In his Portraits of Inspiring Lives lecture and interview, Neale Donald Walsch shares the messages he’s received through his Conversations with God series. “What is the point of life?” It is not an easy question to answer, but when Neale Donald Walsch was at life’s lowest point, it was a question to which he demanded answers. And he got them –from the most unexpected place. Thus was the beginning of Conversations with God. Now after nine volumes and over 7 million copies sold worldwide, Walsch sits down to share some of his greatest revelations from his conversations and his lifelong search for answers from above. He dives into lessons of love, forgiveness, and why the golden rule is universal – and so vital to our culture. In this fascinating episode of Portraits of Inspiring Lives, listen in on a conversation with Neale Donald Walsch and discover some of the answers to life’s most challenging questions.

Portraits of Inspiring Lives: Neale Donald Walsch Includes:
  • Full Lecture: “Through the Eyes of God”
  • Full Interview: Hosted by Lisa Garr
  • 170 minutes
Print170 minutes
PrintAbout Gaiam Portraits of Inspiring Lives
Did you ever wonder what makes a luminary shine – lighting the path for the rest of us? Our “Gaiam Portraits” biography series gives you a rare, revealing glimpse into the lives of today’s leading evolutionary thinkers. Each episode includes a master class taught by the featured luminary, plus an intimate interview that will inspire you to live a life of passion and purpose

About Neale Donald Walsch
Neale Donald Walsch’s bestselling book, Conversations with God, and his new program, “Direct Contact,” provide insight into how to shift your relationship with God to change your life. In 1992, Neale’s life was transformed in precisely this way when in frustration he fired off an angry letter to God, asking the questions from his heart (but really the questions to which all of us want answers) and to his great surprise, received an answer! This divine dialogue continues to this very day, and its onset was the basis of a book that has astounded seekers all over the world with its simplicity and truth. The dialogue has now produced nine volumes of wisdom and insight. Neale’s latest book is When Everything Changes, Change Everything, published in 2009. In this intimate episode, Neale talks about his own challenges in learning to love. Neale also guides you in a meditation that will put you in touch with your heart and soul, and allow you to have your own conversation with God.
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