Gaiam Portraits Of Inspiring Lives: Marcia Wieder DVD

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Make your dreams come true with Marcia Wieder

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In Portraits of Inspiring Lives: Marcia Wieder, worldwide dream ambassador, Marcia Wieder, will encourage and guide you to take that pivotal first step to making your dreams come true! Without dreams, our lives are spent wondering and waiting for the right time or circumstance. Our dreams remain fantasies and stories we tell, not the lives we live. Marcia will teach you the ABCs or, as Marcia says, the C, B, As of making your dreams come true: Be Clear, Believe in Yourself and Take Action. You must learn to become friends with your doubt in order to discover your passion, thus allowing you to live the life you have dreamed of living. Through the course of this segment, Marcia’s goal is to wake you up to remember who you are and realize your dreams!

Portraits of Inspiring Lives: Marcia Wieder Includes:
  • Full Lecture: Make Your Dreams Come True
  • Full Interview: Hosted by Lisa Garr
  • 162 minutes
Print162 minutes
PrintAbout Gaiam Portraits of Inspiring Lives Did you ever wonder what makes a luminary shine – lighting the path for the rest of us? Our “Gaiam Portraits” biography series gives you a rare, revealing glimpse into the lives of today’s leading evolutionary thinkers. Each episode includes a master class taught by the featured luminary, plus an intimate interview that will inspire you to live a life of passion and purpose. <br><br> About Marcia Wieder Marcia Wieder is the CEO and founder of Dream University® and has been called “America’s dream coach.” Marcia was featured in the PBS-TV special, Making Your Dreams Come True, and is known for her moving and inspirational talks to a wide range of audiences from prison inmates to business executives. Marcia has also written 14 books, her newest being Dreams are Whispers from the Soul.
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