One-Person Far Infrared Sauna and Cover

Item# 05-8029_1

Detoxifying thermal-therapy home sauna


Shipping Surcharges Apply, see below for details.

One-Person Far Infrared Sauna

Item# 05-8029

Outdoor Sauna Cover

Item# 05-8030

Let the cares of the day drift away in your detoxifying home sauna. Relaxes muscles and eases aches as it uses the power of far-infrared light to heal and rejuvenate. Supports heart and circulatory health, and helps you burn calories while renewing your skin. Leaves your body and soul feeling refreshed. Uses patented infrared-heat technology. Easy-to-use control panel with manual temperature and time settings. Plugs into standard power outlet. 120V. 100% FSC-certified cedar. Very simple to assemble in just six easy steps – simply clasp together. Arrives in two boxes. Does not contain toxic glue or other harmful materials. Exterior: 40"W x 40½"D x 77"H. Canada. A Gaiam exclusive.

One-Person Far Infrared Sauna Features:

  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Refreshes the mind and body
  • Provides a therapeutic retreat at home
  • 100% FSC-certified old growth Western Canadian cedar
  • Ergonomic bench design
  • Adjustable fresh air vent
  • High-quality CD player and radio
  • Convenient ceramic aromatherapy cup for essential oils
  • Seven LED color therapy lights
  • Easy to assemble and move
  • Comes complete with owner’s manual, cedar shelf and cedar mat
Shipping Surcharges
One-Person Far Infrared Sauna: $250
Sauna Cover: $60

Exterior: 40"W x 40½"D x 77"H

Interior: 37"W x 35½"D x 69¾"H
Arrives in two boxes:
Box A: 42" x 72" x 10"; 173 lb.
Box B: 42" x 72" x 9"; 120 lb.

LED Therapy uses non-thermal light that penetrated deep into the skin. As the light is quickly absorbed, it produces energy in the cells that stimulates them to undergo cellular regeneration.

White- The three primary colors (red, green, & blue) are used in order to create white light with LED lamps. You get the benefits from all the colors used for color therapy. 

Red- Red has been shown to increase energy. It can also activate collagen cells faster than any other color.

Orange- Orange color light therapy is traditionally used to stimulate mental activity and induce cheerful emotions.

Yellow- Yellow can be used to help a person feel spiritually grounded while maintaining a positive outlook.

Green- Green is the color of life itself; we depend upon it to feel grounded and calm.

Blue- Blue is used in color therapy to ease symptoms of pain, anxiety and depression. Can also be good for acne.

Purple- It promotes a true sense of tranquility; reduces anxiety and detoxifies. 

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