pilates for beginners collection

Pilates Beginners Collection

Item# 95-9268


Three easy-to-follow DVDs to get you the Pilates body you’ve always wanted. Includes Pilates Beginning Mat Workout (60 min.), Quick Start Pilates for Weight Loss (45 min.) and Pilates for Beginners (135 min). USA.

Pilates Beginning Mat Workout DVD:
Lengthen, strengthen and tone muscles without joint stress. Gaiam's Pilates Beginning Mat Workout DVD with certified Pilates instructor Ana Caban introduces basic principles of Pilates and proper technique and form, with focus on strengthening areas of interest - the abdomen, lower back and buttocks. Contains a bonus Energy Boost workout with chapter menus and an instructor interview. 60 minutes.

Quick Start Pilates for Weight Loss DVD:
Integrating Pilates into a sound weight loss regimen that includes proper nutrition can be a great way to lose weight without over-doing it. Pilates exercise can help transform your body. Whether you are ten pounds overweight or more, you can start right away with the simple and easy-to-follow movements in Quick Start Pilates for Weight Loss and turn your life around. 45 minutes.

Pilates for Beginners DVD:
Pilates is the fastest growing fitness trend because the practice can produce visible and lasting results in a short amount of time. Learn the basics of Pilates with certified fitness instructor and master Pilates trainer Jillian Hessel, who grounds you in pre-Pilates fundamentals and then incorporates them into classic Pilates mat work. Beginner's modifications allow you to work at your own pace to achieve a strong, sleek, more flexible body. 135 minutes.


<strong>GET TO KNOW ANA CABAN</strong><br> Award-winning, certified Pilates instructor Ana Cabán is a professional dancer who turned to Pilates for empowerment and injury rehabilitation. Ana and her videos have been featured in CBS News, Weight Watchers Magazine, The Los Angeles Daily News and The Miami Herald.