Toesox® Yoga Flip Flops

Toesox® Yoga Flip Flops

Item# 94-0681


These women's Yoga Flip Flops are specially designed to help you spread your toes for proper alignment. Keeping your toes spread will strengthen your feet, increase blood circulation, improve your posture and reduce foot and leg stress. Proper bone alignment helps to correct a variety of foot, back and leg ailments. Elastic toe separators gently align toes, while the pitched toe improves rebound and increases walk-ability. The footbed also cradles your heel for proper positioning and maximum comfort. Made with a soft and durable EVA lining and breathable, vegan leather strap. China.

Yoga Flip Flop Features:
  • Pitched toe for improved rebound and walk-ability
  • Soft and durable EVA lining
  • Footbed cradles heel for proper positioning and comfort
  • Breathable vegan leather strap
  • Elastic toe separators gently align toes


True to size for length; width is B to C. Women’s whole sizes 6-10.