meditation cd

Meditate CD

Item# 93-0337


Inspired by nature, Native American tradition and the sounds of the Far East, composer Peter Davison weaves a musical tapestry using soothing orchestrations, chant-like vocalizations and Tibetan bells and gongs. The haunting resonance of the English horn and Indonesian flute create the perfect space to gain introspection and develop connections to the earth, the universe and yourself. 58 minutes. USA.

Track Listing:
  1. Mountain (10:53)
  2. Garden (10:54)
  3. Wind (7:55)
  4. Tree (11:31)
  5. Sky (7:56)
  6. Meadow (8:50)

Formerly titled Adagio Music for Meditation


Release into the flowing, meditative sounds of Peter Davison's musical expressions of calm, serenity and peace. Designed to gently guide the listener through ever-deepening states of meditation, then back to normal, waking consciousness, Meditate is the perfect companion for your practice. The compositions combine flute, saxophone, penny whistle and synthesizers with mantra-like vocals in the slow Adagio style of music. Composer Peter Davison's work complements award-winning Gaiam yoga and massage instruction DVDs and videos to create relaxing moments in music.

Composed and produced by: Peter Davison/BMI
Flutes, Balinese flutes, penny whistles, soprano saxophone, Lakota flute, vocals, synthesizers: Peter Davison
Vocals: Lisbeth Scott