prenatal dvd kit

Prenatal DVD Kit

Item# 90-9085


Our Prenatal DVD Kit offers three bestselling prenatal DVDs for expecting mothers to stay safely active during prenancy. Summer Sanders, 7 months pregnant in this video, helps improve your posture and built strength to prepare for a smooth delivery. Build energy and stamina with Shiva Rea, who teaches safe stretching and focused concentration to practice during each trimester. Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa guides you through safe ansanas and meaningful meditations to calm your mind and body. Total run time: 288 minutes.

Prenatal DVD Kit Features:
  • Helps you calm your body and mind
  • Encourages you to stay fit and active during prenancy
  • Prepares you for a smoother delivery


Total run time: 288 minutes

Summer Sanders Prenatal Workout (160 minutes): Improves posture, strength, and muscle tone for a smoother delivery. 7 months pregnant during this video, Summer demonstrates proper form for each exercise and remains aware of the vast changes your body is undergoing.

Prenatal Yoga (60 minutes): Learn safe stretching and strength–building prenatal yoga exercises to help increase your energy and stamina. You'll also develop concentration for labor and delivery. Includes modifications for each trimester.

Prenatal Gurmukh (68 minutes): Follow acclaimed Kundalini yoga teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa as she guides you in a series of safe asanas, meaningful poses and thoughtful meditations, created to help place you in mind-body-soul harmony as you prepare for childbirth.