david dorian ross tai chi daily practice dvd

T'ai Chi Daily Practice DVD with David-Dorian Ross and Daisy Lee Garripoll

Item# 90-0086
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With T'ai Chi Daily Practice DVD you'll discover the true pace and flow of T'ai Chi practice. You'll learn new moves to strengthen the mind/body connection and move past learning the finer points of the individual forms and on toward weaving them into a flowing routine of your own T'ai Chi daily practice. You will trim, tone and strengthen your body, increase your aerobic capacity and improve your balance. Led by David Dorian-Ross, you will build on beginner moves, with an emphasis on segueing smoothly and confidently from one form to the next. Includes bonus Lower Body Chi workout. 48 minutes. USA.

Connect with Limitless Energy David-Dorian Ross is a U.S. and world T'ai Chi medalist. An author and expert on holistic wellness, he has been featured in 10 instructional programs and produced and hosted the PBS series, "T'ai Chi in Paradise". From the ancient practice of T'ai Chi to the new hula-hoop dance craze, Gaiam is the world's most complete source of products that help you feel fit and full of life, including many not found anywhere else.


48 minutes.


"T'ai Chi completely surprised me. As an endurance athlete I am used to fighting for energy, and sometimes simply oxygen. T'ai Chi is a beautiful counterbalance to my overachieving personality. I love tapping into an unending source of energy!" - Sada McCormick, Portland, Oregon

"I am ... tapping into the energy within myself, the chi. When my mind is clear and my spirit is calm, I can use this energy to create more." - David-Dorian Ross, World T'ai Chi Medalist, Master Instruct