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NatureMill Indoor Composter

Item# 09-0290


Get the indoor composter that handles it all, including meat, fish and dairy. The NatureMill automatic composter achieves true “hot composting” temperatures for odor-, bug- and worm-free composting of up to 120 lbs. of food waste per month. Keep it indoors or out. Nutrient-rich compost is ready for your garden every two weeks. One batch nourishes 40 sq. ft. Uses 5kWh of energy per month (costs about 50¢). Three-year mfg. warranty. USA.

Indoor Composter Features:
  • Odor-, bug- and worm-free composting
  • Composts up to 120 lbs. of food waste per month
  • Works indoors or out
  • Nutrient-rich compost ready in 2 weeks


Can be shipped within the contiguous U.S. only. Cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes. Gift wrap not available.

20"L x 12"W x 20"H. 17lbs.


Place kitchen waste into the Nature Mill Indoor Composter and your organic waste is automatically mixed, aerated, heated and moistened while it decomposes. Decomposed material is transferred into the cure tray below where it continues to break down. An indicator light will inform you that your cure tray is ready and full of nutrient-rich natural compost (approximately every two weeks).

From the kitchen to your garden, discover the art of composting. At the heart of any eco-responsible garden is natural compost. And at the heart of that rich, earthy pile of matter is a variety of nutrient-packed ingredients a generous portion of which is generated in the kitchen. Coffee grounds, tea leaves, fruit rinds and vegetables can all benefit your garden soil when broken down, and reduce the amount of waste headed to the landfill. Gaiam's practical, easy-to-use composting aids keep compost-bound scraps tidy and odor-free until you're ready to carry them outside.