compost bucket tall

Compost Bucket Tall

Item# 09-0068 GRN


Rather than make daily trips to the compost pile because of smelly, compost-bound scraps, this countertop or under-cabinet Compost Bucket has built-in carbon filters to absorb odors. Toss in vegetable scraps, tea bags, eggshells and other organic materials then take to the compost pile later. Capacity 9.6 quarts (2.4 gallons). Includes (1) carbon filter, snap lid, easy carry handle. Made in Canada.

Compost Bucket Features:

  • Eliminates the need to make frequent trips to your outdoor composter
  • Features built-in carbon filters that absorb odors
  • Holds 2.4 gallons of compost-bound materials
  • Includes: one carbon filter, snap lid, and easy carry handle

Replacement filters also available


11.25"H x 9"W x 9"D