acu back lumbar stretcher

Acu-Back Wooden Lumbar Stretcher

Item# 08-0588


Stretch your way to a healthier back. The Acu-Back relieves back pain, releases the spine and boosts circulation with therapeutic acupressure massage. Removable wooden orbs offer you two unique benefits. First, they help deepen the stretch in your neck and back, and they also provide focused acupressure to improve healing and increase circulation. Padded premium maple wood. Made in the USA.

Acu-Back Lumbar Stretcher Features:
  • Improves circulation as it helps you stretch your back
  • Relieves back pain by releasing spinal tension
  • Creates a therapeutic acupressure massage
  • Removable wooden orbs deepen your stretch in neck and back
  • Focused acupressure improves healing
  • Padded for additional comfort


8½" x 13" x 2½"