therapeutic back brace

Therapeutic Braces

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Therapeutic Back Brace

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Therapeutic Knee Brace

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Therapeutic Ankle Brace

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Therapeutic Elbow/Shin Brace

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Therapeutic Wrist Sleeve

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Boost range of motion and get extra support for joints affected by sprains, arthritis and tendonitis. The patented organic germanium bamboo charcoal blend in the inner weave produces negative anions that provide almost instant pain relief and support healthy circulation for natural healing and. Braces are antimicrobial, odor absorbing and moisture wicking for comfortable all-day wear. Choose from back, knee, elbow/shin, ankle and wrist models. See Specifications tab for sizing information. Imported.

Therapeutic Brace Features:
  • Increases range of motion
  • Adds extra support for joints
  • Works on sprains, arthritis and tendonitis
  • Inner weave made with a patented organic germanium bamboo charcoal blend
  • Produces negative anions that provide almost instant pain relief
  • Enhances circulation for natural healing
  • Antimicrobial, odor absorbing and moisture wicking
  • Comfortable to wear all day long


Back Brace- available in waist sizes:

  • m (24 - 29 in.)
  • l (30 - 33 in.)
  • xl (34 - 37 in.)
  • xxl (38-44 in.)

Knee Brace- To find you knee brace size measure diameter of kneecap:

  • m (12 - 14 in.)
  • l (14 - 16 in.)
  • xl (16 - 18 in.)

Ankle Brace- Use your shoe size to find your correct size:

  • s/m fits shoe sizes (Men 4-8.5 / Women 5-9.5)
  • l fits shoe sizes (Men 9-13 / Women 10-14)

Elbow/Shin Brace- To find your size measure diameter of elbow:

  • s/m fits elbows best up to 7.5" in diameter
  • l fits elbows best over 7.5" in diameter

Wrist Sleeve- To find your wrist sleeve size measure diameter of wrist;

  • s/m fits best up to 11" in diameter.
  • l fits wrists best over 11" in diameter.

Braces content-

  • Inner weave: 50% bamboo charcoal, 50% germanium; outer: 53% polyester, 37% spandex, 10% nylon.