BackJoy® Posture+

BackJoy® Posture+

Item# 08-0577


Engage your core muscles and improve your posture in any seat. Made with Backjoy's Advanced Core Material, this seat support is perfect for meditation or the workplace. It tilts the hips upright for better posture as it cups your glute muscles, relieving pressure on your sit bones. Imported.

Backjoy Posture + Features:
  • Improves your posture in any seat
  • Allows you to sit more comfortably for hours
  • Created with BackJoy's Advanced Core Material
  • Great for meditation or at work
  • Positions the hips upright for better posture
  • Supports glute muscles
  • Relieves pressure on sit bones
  • BPA Free


  • 1 lb
  • Optimum effectiveness is between 110 and 270 lbs. If you weigh less than 90 pounds, BackJoy may be too big for you.