wonder ball

Wonder Ball

Item# 06-0638


We've discovered a whole new clean that reduces soaps and petrochemicals in the Earth's water supply and helps alleviate allergies and skin irritations. Simply add the detergent-free Wonder Ball to laundry (pre-treat any stains) and a small amount of detergent (or none), and a proprietary blend of minerals and magnetics within the ball lowers the water's surface tension, making it "wetter" so it can clean fabric fibers more deeply. Washing laundry with the Wonder Ball only and no laundry soap also eliminates the detergent residue that aggravates allergies and irritates skin. Made in the USA.

Wonder Ball Features:
  • Works in hard or soft water
  • Use with top- or front-loading washing machines
  • Can use to hand wash delicates
  • Lasts about two years or 2,000 washes
  • Do not use in the dryer



Weighs 5 oz.

Lasts 2 years or 2,000 washes


"My wash comes out clean and fresh with the Wonder Ball, and I only use a tablespoon of detergent per load. Even the dog bedding is odor-free— it's the best find of the century!" -- Claudia, Gaiam Merchandising