reusable dryer sheets

Static Eliminator (2 per box) Reusable Chemical-free Dryer Sheets

Item# 06-0531


The first time you use these incredibly effective reusable, chemical-free dryer sheets you'll notice a difference in your laundry. Unlike disposable dryer sheets you throw away after every load, Static Eliminator can be used up to 100 times — saving money and eliminating waste. What's more, these hypoallergenic sheets are ideal for allergy sufferers because they're free of the harmful chemicals — three of which appear on the EPA's Hazardous Waste List — used in conventional brands. Works wonders at removing pet fur from laundry. Guaranteed to never spot or stain. 2 per box. 12"L x 7½"W. Canada.

Static Eliminator™ Features:
  • Chemical-free
  • Eliminate static
  • Soften fabric
  • Reduce lint
  • Work at any heat setting
  • Leave no residue


Care: Wash them in the washing machine every three months.

How They Work: The weave of the fabric gives them their static fighting power. Carbon fibers, which absorb static electricity, are woven within the fabric. This is a mechanical process; no chemicals are used. 12"L x 7&.5"W; .5 lb in packaging