Item# 06-0063
$10.99 - $37.99


Just a splash of highly concentrated Citra-Solv in water makes a fantastic all-purpose cleaner for kitchens and bathrooms. Mix a stronger solution by adding another teaspoon of Citra-Solv and you can clean and deodorize floors and tougher surfaces. Or just pour Citra-Solv on undiluted when you need a stain remover for fabrics, or an oven cleaner that cuts grime. Citra-Solv even works as a biodegradable cleaner for greasy bike chains!. Safe for porcelain, metal, tile and fabric. Made in the USA.

Citra-Solv Features:

  • All-purpose cleaner for your kitchen and bathroom
  • Removes stains from furniture and clothing
  • Cuts grime from ovens and other metal objects
  • Safe on porcelain, metal, tile, and fabric