Secrets Of Enlightenment DVD with Deepak Chopra

Secrets Of Enlightenment DVD with Deepak Chopra

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Discover the hidden dimensions to our existance with practical tools to explore and evolve your own consciousness. Instead of merely waking, sleeping and dreaming, you can finally discover your place in the universe as you approach a state of grace. 57 minutes. USA.

Imagine being able to access your greatest creativity - to arm yourself with infinite possibilities. Every major spiritual tradition has sought englightenment and now its mystery is revealed. Renowned author, teacher and spiritual advisor Deepak Chopra discloses the path to enlightenment with 14 secrets. These secrets, taken individually or collectively, have the power to transform your world view, bringing insight and inspiration and helping you understand your unique connection with the universe.

CD Track Listing:

Part I: The Myster of Consciousness

  1. Enlightenment and The Third Jesus
  2. Different points of view
  3. Infinite possibilities

Part II: Finding Enlightenment

  1. Exploring consciousness subjectively
  2. Tools for exploring consciousness
  3. States of consciousness

Part III: The Secrets of Enlightenment

  1. Secret 1: There are hidden dimensions to our existence
  2. Secret 2: We are not in the world, the world is in us
  3. Secret 3: There are four paths to enlightenment
  4. Secret 4: Intention has infinite organizing power
  5. Secret 5: The separate self does not exist
  6. Secret 6: Freedom exists in choiceless awareness
  7. Secret 7: The world is a mirror
  8. Secret 8: Evil is not our enemy
  9. Secret 9: We are multi-dimensional beings
  10. Secret 10: Death makes life possible
  11. Secret 11: We are the eyes and ears of the universe
  12. Secret 12: The only time is now
  13. Secret 13: The cosmic mind thinks synchronistically
  14. Secret 14: Always think, feel and act from the source

CD Benefits:
  • Find your true identity
  • Lose the fear of death
  • Be comfortable with uncertainty
  • Feel connected to all creation


57 minutes.