AM/PM T'ai Chi DVD with David-Dorian Ross & C.J. McPhee

AM/PM T'ai Chi DVD with David-Dorian Ross & C.J. McPhee

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AM T'ai Chi is a morning practice of basic T'ai Chi movements combined with visualization and breathing exercises to help you feel more awake and energized in the morning.

PM T'ai Chi is an evening practice of simple T'ai Chi movements coordinated with visualization and breathing exercises to help you unwind and soothe your body and mind.

Both practices in this T'ai Chi DVD will clear out tension, negativity and anxiety, leaving you clam and centered. The flow of energy rises and falls like the tides.

AM/PM T'ai Chi DVD includes:
Benefits of AM/PM Tai Chi DVD:
  • Gathering chi in six directions recharges your spirit with fresh energy
  • Eight pieces of Brocade harmonizes your internal organs and releases toxins
  • Open heart unlocks energy, focuses the mind and soothes your emotions
  • Cleanses the body of stagnant chi and restores it with pure chi
  • Aligns the spine to encourage free-flowing energy to revitalize your body
  • Opens the major energy gateway to allow chi to circulate
  • Shot on location in beautiful Maui, Hawaii

83 minutes. USA.

Note: packaging may vary.

Also available, our AM/PM DVD Kit which combines AM/PM Yoga For Beginners DVD, AM/PM Tai Chi DVD, AM/PM Meditation DVD and AM/PM Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss DVD at a special value.

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83 minutes.


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David-Dorian Ross is an internationally known lecturer, author and teacher of Eastern martial arts and a four-time U.S. silver medalist in t’ai chi chuan. His programs are designed to make T’ai Chi, Qigong and energy exercises accessible while remaining true to this ancient tradition.

Carole (CJ) McPhee has been teaching Qigong for 15 years. She began her qi and yoga studies in Honolulu where she was a practicing massage therapist. She has developed a down-to-earth style that helps make this ancient tradition accessible to Westerners.