rainfall showerhead with filter

Rainfall Showerhead with Filter

Item# 01-0567_1

Rainfall Showerhead with Filter

Item# 01-0567

Shower Falls Replacement Filter

Item# 01-0143


The Rainfall Showerhead's Filter uses a unique filter to pH balance your tap water while eliminating contaminants and harmful chlorine vapors. The filter's patented filtration system offers multiple health benefits while leaving your hair and skin silky smooth. Rainfall Showerhead with Filter has a 20" double extension arm, a 6" head for a spa-like waterfall experience, five spray settings and locking hinged joints to custom-adjust the height. Chrome-plated brass. Filter cartridge lasts 3 months or 10,000 gallons. China.

Rainfall Showerhead & Filter Features:
  • Unique filter pH balances water
  • Eliminates chlorine, dirt, sediment, iron oxide and odors
  • Leaves you feeling clean and refreshed
  • 20" double extension arm
  • 6" showerhead
  • 5 spray settings
  • Chrome-plated brass finish