waterwise distiller

Waterwise¬ģ Distiller with Electronic Monitor

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Waterwise Countertop Purifer / Distiller with Electronic Monitor

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Waterwise Kleenwise Cleaner/Descaler Cleaner/Descaler for Distiller

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Waterwise Distiller Replacement Filters (6)

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The Waterwise® Distiller turns tap water into purified steam, recondenses it and then runs it through a carbon filter, leaving impurities behind and water that's 99% free of most tap water contaminants. It reduces 99% of inorganic/radiological contaminants such as lead, arsenic and fluoride and removes cysts, bacteria and viruses. Purifies a gallon of water in about four hours with an overall capacity of six gallons in a day. Filter status bar indicates when to change the post carbon filter. Includes a one-gallon non-leaching water bottle and programmable on/off settings. Regular cleaning recommended. USA.

15"H x 15½" diameter; 14.3 lbs.

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15"H x 15½" diameter; 14.3 lbs. Carbon filter removes: 99% of lead and arsenic 99% of cysts, bacteria and viruses 99% of fluoride Filter lasts 2-3 months