Sani Mate Air Sanitizer

Wein Sani-Mate Plug-In Ionic Air Purifier

Item# 01-0120


Plug this compact, energy-efficient air sanitizer in for almost immediate benefit. Destroys airborne odors, bacteria, viruses, molds, chemicals, smoke and allergens for just pennies a month! Using corona-discharge technology to neutralize air pollutants, the Sani-Mate draws air inside at the rate of 70 feet per minute, then cleans and refreshes it using bursts of electricity - simulating the air-purifying effects of a lightning storm. Ideal for small spaces like in bathrooms, sick rooms and more. With a solid-platinum emitter and electroplated gold grid. Maintenance-free with no parts to replace or filters to change; silent operation with no fan. Features built-in night light. 4"H x 3½"W x 1"D. USA.

Sani-Mate Features:
  • Plug in and use immediately
  • Perfect for small rooms like restrooms or sick rooms
  • Solid platinum emitter and electroplated gold grid
  • Silent, fan-less and filter-less operation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Reduces airborne particles and germs
  • Operates continuously for pennies a month.
  • Built in nightlight


For use in bathrooms, closets and small rooms up to 150 sq. feet in size. 4"H x 3½"W x 1"D

Technology Glossary

Carbon: removes common household odors from cleaners, paints, solvents and other chemical substances.

HEPA = High Efficiency Particulate Air: filter traps tiny airborne particles. Rated 99.97% removal at 0.3 microns in size.

Ion = Ionization: ions attract and attach themselves to airborne irritants, including smoke, dander and bacteria. The irritants are then drawn into the filter or dropped to the ground, out of the air.

UV = Ultraviolet Light: when exposed to UV, bacteria and viruses are killed on contact. *Volatile Organic Compounds

1Life expectancy of any air filter media is dependent on the concentration of the contaminants to which the system is exposed.