Baraka Neti Pot Sinus Care Kit

Item# 08-9038

Natural Ayurvedic sinus treatment


The Neti Pot is a safe Ayurvedic treatment that provides quick relief for sinus congestion and allergies. Simply pour distilled water through the nasal passage for instant relief. Set comes with sea salt infused with essential oils of Virginia cedarwood, palmarosa, green myrtle, balsam and rosemary (8 oz.). Store your salts in the matching matte black salt jar. Neti pot and jar: handcrafted ceramic stoneware; jar includes cork stopper and small spoon. France/USA.

Neti Pot Set Features:
  • Naturally opens up sinus passages
  • Reduces congestion and relieves sinus pressure
  • Produces instant healing relief
  • Uses regular or infused sea salt
  • Salt comes in matching matte black jar
  • Neti Pot:
  • Handcrafted ceramic stoneware
  • Complete with cork stopper and small spoon
PrintInfused sea salt: 8 oz.