MyChelle Everybody Skin Care Collection

Item# 08-9044

Six-part set, plus full-size serum, to promote healthy skin 

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The Everybody Skin Care Collection promotes healthy skin, balances skin lipids, retains moisture and keeps your skin’s barrier strong. That means good things (like nutrients and moisture) stay in, and nasty toxins, debris and dirt stay out. This collection is an excellent travel companion or gift of products designed for all skin types, all in a beautiful, collectible box, plus a full-size Perfect C Serum. The collection includes a complete six-step skin care regimen. Fruit Enzyme Cleanser exfoliates with fruit AHAs for fresh, smooth skin. Use Fruit Enzyme Scrub a few times a week to gently exfoliate and clarify in one quick step. Perfect C Serum is an advanced formula that protects skin’s health while combating the signs of aging. A potent 17% dose of clinically proven vitamin C helps to strengthen collagen and improve skin texture. L-Ergothioneine boosts cellular energy and helps interrupt the stress reaction that destroys elastin. Buddleja Plant Stem Cell protects against photo-damage and oxidative stress through antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. The Fruit Enzyme Mist helps to repair, protect and hydrate. Balance and moisturize with the Pumpkin Renew Cream for daily cellular renewal. Last, Sun Shield Unscented Broad Spectrum SPF 28 provides chemical-free sun protection with ZinClear™ and Titanium Dioxide to protect against UV damage. Cleanser, Scrub, Cream and Sun Shield: 0.25 fl. oz. each; Serum and Mist: 0.17 fl. oz. each, plus 0.5 fl. oz. Serum C Serum. Made in the USA.

MyChelle Everybody Skin Care Collection Includes:
  • 6-piece skin care set for all skin types
  • Full-size Perfect C Serum
  • Fruit Enzyme Cleanser
  • Fruit Enzyme Scrub
  • Perfect C Serum
  • Fruit Enzyme Mist
  • Pumpkin Renew Cream
  • Sun Shield Unscented Broad Spectrum SPF 28

Fruit Enzyme Cleanser: 0.25 fl. oz.

Fruit Enzyme Scrub: 0.25 fl. oz.
Perfect C Serum: 0.17 fl. oz. and 0.5 fl. oz.
Fruit Enzyme Mist: 0.17 fl. oz.
Pumpkin Renew Cream: 0.25 fl. oz.
Sun Shield Unscented Broad Spectrum SPF 28: 0.25 fl. oz.

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