Lumbar Decompressor

Item# 08-0563

Easy-to-use air-filled lumbar support for go-anywhere support


Decompress your back and manage low-back pain at home with this soothing and comfortable at-home Lumbar Decompressor. To use, simply lie on the uninflated Lumbar Decompressor, then gradually add air using the hand pump. You’ll feel a comfortable support and release throughout your lower back area, as you add or remove air as needed. The natural decompression force helps to relieve tension in your lower back, improve nerve health and restore normal lumbar curvature. Our Lumbar Decompressor can travel with you everywhere you go, and can be used in bed, on the sofa or on the floor. Includes hand pump, lumbar decompressor and carrying bag.12¼”H x 9½”W x 1¾”D . China.

Lumbar Decompressor Features:
  • Helps to alleviate low-back pain
  • Provides go-anywhere lumbar support and decompression
  • Easy-to-use hand pump lets you customize the support and decompression you receive
  • Helps to restore normal lumbar curvature while relieving back tension and pain
  • Includes lumbar decompressor, hand pump and carrying bag
Print12¼”H x 9½”W x 1¾”D