Herbal Towelettes

Item# 08-0592_1

Refreshing essential oil cleansing wipes

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Get instant, on-the-go herbal refreshment with our new towelettes. Each essential oil towelette calms and cleans with refreshing, natural scents. Lavender yoga towelettes can be used to cleanse your hands, feet and mat before and after class. Orange and mixed offer a quick and easy cleansing boost. 20 individually wrapped towelettes; choose lavender yoga, orange or mixed (lavender, lemon and peppermint). Made in the USA.

Herbal Towelette Features:
  • Made with refreshing essential oils
  • Helps calm the mind and body
  • Great for cleansing feet, hands or face before or after class
  • Use to wipe down mat and workout benches
  • Perfect anytime for a quick cleansing boost