Explorations CD

Item# 05-53166
Take a voyage of self exploration
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PrintTrack listing:
1. The Astral Body (10:27)
2. Invocation (9:50)
3. Harmonic Circles (9:48)
4. Three Mandalas (11:35)
5. With all the Pendulums (11:37)
6. Unity Trance (8:51)
7. Connections (8:14)
Take a voyage of self exploration with these ethereal, organic sounds. Using guitars, keyboards and percussion, these healing melodies set a mood of inner travel where mind and body unite. Yearnings for wholeness can be realized and achieved. 68 minutes. USA.
Jonathan Wilson is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles, California. Wilson has been composing for 15 years and has done several projects for Gaiam where he explores healing, motivational and inspirational sounds.

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Bettering yourself has a remarkable way of bettering the world around you. No one creates more ways to do both than Gaiam, the 15-year leader in the art of healthful, conscious living. Experience the Gaiam audio CD series and fine-tune your self-evolution: mind, body and spirit.
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