Bokashi Refill For All Food Compost Kit

Item# 09-0207
For use with the All Food Recycling Compost Kit
Now it's easy to discard meat, fish, dairy and even bones right in your kitchen without the requirements of turning it like you do outdoor compost and without creating unpleasant smells. Developed in Japan, the All Food Recycling Compost Kit (sold separately) quickly and odorlessly converts your organic waste into a high-grade soil conditioner through the use of effective microbes or bokashi - a Japanese word meaning ""fermented organic matter."" Similar to the process used to make wine, this system relies on fermentation to decompose the matter rather than putrefaction, so no offensive odor is produced. In about 10 days you can bury the nutrient-rich matter in the garden or add it to your compost pile to help improve physical, chemical and biological environments in the dirt. Sprinkle a handful of bokashi onto the waste every time you add to the bucket. One bag of bokashi is good for one bucket full of compost. Japan. One gallon bag of bokashi.