All Food Recycling Compost Kit with Bokashi

Item# 09-0206
All Food Recycling Compost Kit with Bokashi

With the Bokashi compost bucket, now it's easy to discard meat, fish, dairy and even bones right in your kitchen without turning or creating unpleasant smells. Developed in Japan, the All Food Recycling Compost Kit quickly and odorlessly converts your organic waste into a high-grade soil conditioner through the use of effective microbes or Bokashi — a Japanese word meaning "fermented organic matter." Similar to the process used to make wine, this system relies on fermentation to decompose the matter rather than putrefaction, so no offensive odor is produced. Sprinkle a handful of Bokashi onto the waste every time you add to the bucket. One bag of Bokashi is good for one bucket full of compost. Made in Japan.

Bokashi Composter Features:

  • Includes: one composter and one gallon bag of Bokashi
  • Additional Bokashi refills available separately
  • Converts organic waste to a high-grade conditioner
  • Odor-free composting in approximately 10 days
  1. Place an initial layer of Bokashi at the bottom of the compost bucket.
  2. Collect your daily food waste and chop it into small pieces.
  3. Place waste in the composting bucket and coat it with a layer of Bokashi. For less than a 3" layer of food waste, sprinkle two fistfuls of Bokashi to cover the entire surface. Mix this layer thoroughly and compact the waste by pushing it down. Sprinkle a coat of Bokashi to cover the surface and place the plastic barrier directly on the compost mixture, completely covering it. Stir each new layer only and try not to mix it with previous layers of food waste.
  4. Periodically, drain the liquid that has accumulated at the bottom bucket.
  5. Once the bucket is filled to capacity, continue to drain any liquid and let the contents ferment for 7-10 days at room temperature.
  6. Fermented compost will not completely degrade but will retain much if it original physical properties and will have a pickled appearance. Complete breakdown of material will occur once it is transferred into the soil.

Capacity: Bin will hold 5 gallons of food waste. Bokashi enzymes will last at least a year.

Bin- 16"H x 10.5"W x 10 D 

Weighs 3 lbs

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Why Compost?

How to Make Compost

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Natural, organic composting is an important part of your backyard garden. Many different kinds of kitchen waste can be very beneficial to your garden soil, once it has broken down. Composters also reduce the amount of waste in our landfills, and reduces our use of synthetic fertilizers.
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