Gaiam's Balance Ball Chair continues to be a favorite for many customers. It's revolutionary in that it offers health and fitness benefits while you sit at home or the office. The patented design combines comfort and ergonomic back support, all at an affordable price. The Balance Ball Chair was developed as an effective tool for strengthening core muscles and improving spinal alignment. Removable 52cm Balance Ball can be used for exercises on or off the chair. Easy assembly required. Available in classic charcoal with a black base. Taiwan.

Balance Ball Chair Benefits:
  • The balance ball chair provides core strengthening, comfort and ergonomic back support
  • Helps to improve spinal alignment and reduce nerve compression
  • Designed for heights of 5’-5’11" and weights up to 300 lbs.
  • Uses professional-grade anti-burst exercise ball
  • Includes desktop workout guide to provide an effective low-impact workout and stretching routine
  • Stable, yet lightweight base is made from molded PVC
  • Balance Ball (included) is made from vinyl with no latex content
  • Rolling, lockable caster wheels
  • Easy, 1-tool assembly
  • Measures 22"W x 31"H x 22"D; 13 lbs
Balance Ball Chair Set Includes:
  • A 52cm (21.7") Balance Ball, removable for exercise on its own.
  • A support bar.
  • Easy-glide, lockable, caster wheels.
  • An air pump.
  • Desktop exercise guide to get you moving.

The BalanceBall Chair is not designed to fit persons 6' tall and taller or 4' 11" and shorter.


Chair Dimensions: 22"W x 31"H x 22"D; 13 lbs.
The height of the back of the chair is 2 feet tall.
The base measures 20" wide from one side of the wheels to the other.
When exercise ball is inflated and on the chair, seat height is about 23".
The ball alone will measure between 48cm and 52cm depending on the amount of air.
The base of the chair is 6" off the ground.
Designed for people 5'0" to 5'11" tall. Not designed to fit people 6'0" or taller, or 4'11" or shorter.
Weight limit: 300 lbs.

For optimal performance, it may be necessary to re-inflate your new Balance Ball once or twice after the initial inflation. Once your chair is assembled and the Balance Ball is inflated, re-check the ball size the next day. If necessary, add additional air and check once more the following day. Your new Balance Ball may need a day or two to "stretch" to its final size (which should then fit perfectly in the base).

If you need other replacement parts for your Balance Ball Chair, please email customer service at Ships via Fed Ex Ground. Express Delivery not available.


Rated 4.4 out of 5 by 542 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 Excellent I have seen this chair for quite some time but was hesitant about ordering this because if I did not like's just a pain to return things. While at the optometrist I noticed that their gal had one and she let me try it out and told me how much she liked it. So i thought I'd go ahead and order it. I am so happy I did. I use this chair at work. it helps me sit up straight which is great since i'm at the computer/desk 10 hours every day! I do various stretches throughout the day while at my desk and during lunch I take the ball off and do more exercises. I've noticed my lower back and overall core strength improve over the past couple of weeks. If you are hesitant like I was....don't be. this is a great investment for your overall well being. An added bonus: sometimes it makes you feel like kid again...when I get a little bored or tired of sitting....I bounce for a while. lol April 22, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Just what we all needed I saw the classic balance ball chair at my doctors office and the girl at the front desk said she loves it. So when we  opened our new real estate office we knew we would need chairs, I mentioned these chairs to the women who work with us and they loved the idea of keep your core working while working. It's been four weeks and we all love this chair, if you start to get tired just bounce around and that get the blood flowing too. I still cross my leg, I know, I know, but I think it works my core even more, the ball it self can be as hard or soft as you want, it took one day to get the right firmness and so easy to put together. Since then mortgage agents have come in and they loved the thought of these chairs and have gone on line to get them for them selves, and they are thanking me for introducing them to the chairs. If your thinking of getting this chair, what are you waiting for? It moves easy (so be careful not to kick it out when you go to sit down, and no I haven't done that yet)  and yes there are locks for the wheels, you can lean back on the back rest, the chair is comfortable, and fun!! Enjoy your new core if you buy this!!  March 3, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by make sure it's inflated - fits both 5'4" and 5'11" I have owned my ball chair for 3 years now and am going to be purchasing another in a few days. I purchased my first from GAIAM and will purchase my next from them as well. I was reading the reviews bc I saw the chair had lower ratings than I expected and just want to address the themes I see. 1. YOU MUST INFLATE THE BALL AS MUCH AS DIRECTED (and I'm 5'4" for ref). It is super heavy duty and when I first inflated mine, I remember thinking  that I thought it was too much stress on the ball to inflate it as much as they said, but I did it anyway and it worked really well. I have normal height desks and again, I'm 5'4" so seriously, I know this ball works for shorter peeps. My  hubby is 5'11" and it works fine for him too. For whatever reasons we both end up with a nice 90 degree to our legs. He's light and I'm light so maybe that's the deal but in terms of posture and ergonomics I can't see why, if the directions are truly followed, that you would get an ill fitting chair. 2. CASTORS: we haven't had any problems with the castors (I wheel about a bunch). They are cheaper than I would have preferred - but again, I wheel around a bunch. Next chair I'll probably add fancier castors for better rolling (they do however work fine). 3. ERGONOMICS: I have back problems (old injury of multiple vertebral fractures, a broken coccyx, and 2 bulging discs). I do still have to remind myself to sit up actively, but that's because I do slouch - and this chair makes it harder but not impossible . This chair, however, has seriously reduced my back pain. You can imagine that my injuries kinda suck and so I just want to say that while  the chair isn't perfect, it's darn close (and for the price, did you really think it'd be totally perfect! it's cheap! it's a great price, come on!) 4. SO THANK YOU! Thank you guys for making/ offering this chair!  December 11, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Office Chair I bought two chairs for the office. The office staff loves them, great for the back and the abs. November 25, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Exceeded my expectations I was desperately looking for a solution to the problem of having a numb rear end and upper thighs by the end of every work day.  On a whim, I convinced my boss to let me try out this chair...I was not expecting to like it.  But, surprise, I love it!  It's comfortable and the adjustment period just took about a day.  After the second day of using the chair, I went home feeling energized and refreshed and no more numbness from  being confined to an office chair all day.  Try'll probably be surprised like I was. October 22, 2013
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