Stack up the style with this lightweight beaded cuff. Hand made with acai seeds from Ecuadorian palm trees. Dress up a casual outfit or add a pop of color to a formal affair with this fair trade favorite! Ecuador.

Baddha Bangle Features:
  • Hand made in Ecuador
  • Made from acai seeds
  • Colorful for any occasion
  • Fair trade

From Andean Collection, a fair trade group.


Andean Collection, a fair trade group

Our designs
Andean Collection takes cues from our diverse world. We use both bright colors and soft hues, and combine natural materials with rustic metals. We spend our time between New York City and artisan workshops in the Andean regions of South America.

Our look integrates these worlds and the results are inspired designs that fuse the urban with the rural; the natural with the modern.

Our motivation 
We create to encourage change. Andean Collection was founded to bring sustainable change to impoverished communities in South America. We offer artisans the opportunity to participate in the global market while inspiring our customers with access to the elusive world of the rural Andes.

We have a non-profit arm, Andean Project, to ensure that this change is productive and healthy and to address other poverty related social issues, all funded through our sales and private donations. 

Andean Collection is a member of the Fair Trade Federation.


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