Ab Champ

Item# 05-58109

Tighten and tone with this interactive ab machine kit


The AB Champ will tighten and tone your core, abdominals, upper and lower body. It provides smooth, controlled resistance that allows you to comfortably extend your body and abs, plus it provides just the right amount of support. The Ab Champ’s Multi Motion Technology combines abdominal exercise with the muscle-toning movements of swimming, so you’re not just moving forward and back, but also side to side for faster result. Easily adjust your reps and speed based on your skill level. Plus, Ab Champ is a “smart machine,” featuring an interactive Light Unit that turns your workout into a unique gaming experience. Five “personal trainer” game programs encourage and motivate you to get lean, strong abs. Includes the Ab Champ, storage bag with guide track and targets, how-to DVD, owner’s manual and meal plan. Imported.

Ab Champ Features:
  • Tightens your core, abs and upper/lower body
  • Interactive game keeps you motivated and progressing
  • Allows you to easily adjust to your skill level
  • Mimics the upper body workout of swimming
  • Made exclusively by Gaiam
Ab Champ Kit Includes:
  • Ab Champ interactive machine – tones abs, core and upper and lower body.
  • Total Toning Track – provides controlled resistance allowing you to comfortably extend your body
  • Interactive Light Game – Five “personal trainer” programs provide variety and motivation.
  • Guide Track and Target Bag – The targets correspond with the matching lights on the Ab Champ machine. They can be arranged on the included track or you can position them closer together for a beginner workout and widen them as you advance.
  • How-To DVD – Lisa Robbins, Ab Champ fitness expert and personal trainer, guides you in how to use your Ab Champ, including assembly, positioning, form and how to use the game
  • Owner’s manual
  • Meal plan

About the Interactive Light Game: There are five “personal trainer” programs that provide all the variety and motivation you need to get lean. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, each program provides a comprehensive and effective workout. Each light corresponds with a color target. It’s like playing a video game. As you increase your workout intensity, the lights change more quickly and your range of motion increases. The unique side-to-side motion targets your obliques and keeps you from getting bored. You’ll see amazing results and look forward to your workouts.